1973 Porsche 914 – $3800 (adrian)

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I’m pretty sure this is the seller I bought my 928 from two years ago. If so, it’s a Porsche guy. Father in law is a Porsche guy too. I like the description. The color is fantastic.

On Detroit Craigslist.

“1973 porsche 914 with factory appearance package. 1.7 52,xxx miles on engine, real dual webers, vintage intakes, cam for carb, full bursch race header and exhaust. Sounds great, deep tone like a box motor should. Fuchs wheels, 1 real 3 knock offs. Nice interior, cracked dash, very solid car, very little rust. He’ll hole solid, longs solid. Very sold project driver. Needs very little. Paint is thin but looks just like pictures. Thanks not going to give it away, don’t low ball, and I do not need help selling.”

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