1973 Lotus Europa, Twin Cam

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“I am selling this because I am too old and too fat to get in enjoy the drive.”

His gain was his loss. 

On eBay in La Porte, Indiana for Buy it Now of $8,000 or make offer.

“This is a Europa Twin Cam that was rescued from an estate sale in 2003 – at that point it was only 30 years old and purchased for under $1000 looked like a great deal to me. My second Lotus. More details on purchase.

This car has had a full body lift off, and been stripped of 2 previous paint jobs. Frame has been repaired in a few areas where rust was a problem ( pedal bolt down area) and battery area. Frame was sand blasted, and coated with Chassis paint. Engine has been rebuilt. with new valves. new guides, new pistons ( .050) over, all new bearings, rods, crank & cam.  Clutch and Pressuer plate. Carburators were not salvagable and replaced with Stromberg 1.75SU found on E-bay.  Wheels were soruces on E-bay and are Appliance type 7′ wide rear and 6′ fronts. Tires are 205-60R13 rears and 175-70R13 front, tires are like new. Interior has been completely redbuilt, seat frames are from another Europa and repaired and totally recovered.  Special features – no brake booster cylinders, VW master cylinder, and brakes work great.  Notice no door handles, but doors are manual – stick your arm in and open from inside  ( sorta like an old Austin Healey) hidden switch to lower the window. Adjustable from sway bar. New Spax shocks and adjustable springs. Front A-arms are adjustable. Rear arms are adjustable and new.

I am selling this because I am too old and too fat to get in enjoy the drive. Once in, it is a very confortable driving position. It is also a Lotus, and that means a long term comittment. These cars are fragile and require work on a regular basis. There were several mistakes made on this rebuild, that could have eliminated some of these, I will be happy to provide these if interested. No Heater blower – would you really drive this in the winter?  New Aluminum radiator, electric fan and ss screen to block tire throw up to protect it.
This is the a great car it just needs a little help to become a real collector car.”

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