1972 Lola T202

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UPDATE: I spoke to the owner and got the full history.  She is basically taking offers on the car but I was the first caller, like that matters if she’s doing the offer thing.  The car has a winning history and is completely original down to every bolt as delivered.  She sent me a six page PDF with full details of ownership.  Great history.  Now, to find out how many people race vintage Lolas and if it’s worth getting into them.

Original Post: Seems like a good deal to go vintage racing.  I covered a ’71 Lola that sold for $3,500 on eBay back on February 27th but that was in pieces and not actually identified as a Lola.  This one is complete, undamaged and looks like original paint.  Plus you know the dude is chill, he’s got the car laid out on a Grateful Dead stage.  

On Hemmings for $10,000 in Chicago by a private seller.

“Vintage racer’s dream: Formula Ford T202 Chassis #F3/006. All original, unmodified, undamaged, lots of documentation. Kent engined, original 1600 Ford engine. Original Hewland gearbox, steel wheels. Nothing modified from its configuration as delivered by Carl Haas Imports. The nose section and undertray are original and undamaged.”

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