1972 Datsun 510

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As a fan of old Datsuns, I was particularly interested in this one.  Until I started to glaze over reading the 749 word, one paragraph description.  A farmer coming off the fields in China has got a better chance with a McDonald’s menu than I did deciphering these options to purchase.  Never fear, in the interest of providing for my valued readers, I’ve summed it up:

On eBay in Virginia for $2,250 Buy it Now, or $1,950 with the option of adding a stock L20B engine for $500. But the L20B isn’t actually the original L16 engine his friend Jim bought the car with and drove for three years.  That apparently is somewhere else trying to recover from this write up.  

But he’ll include the L20B if you hit the Buy it Now which means it only costs you $200.  Or you can get the hod rod engine for $1,500 extra plus wheels pictured on the car but not included for another $500.  But no engine or trans or wheels comes with the no reserve auction start price of $1,950.

So you could purchase the wheels cause you want it to roll plus car for $2,450 if you are lucky enough to win without another bidder.  Or Buy it Now because you don’t want to lose this opp but take the hot rod engine option and pay $4,250 total.  Then you’ll have to figure out what to do with the L20B that also comes with it plus all that potato salad.  Or you could just put stake sauce on your neck and let Satin chow down.
To the bar, back to the bar!

Don’t get attached to that huge wash tub either…

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