1972 BMW 2002 Vintage Race Car & Trailer

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This is a pretty swinging deal for $11,990.  Nice looking vintage race car and an enclosed trailer to yank it around in.  These trailers alone usually fetch around $4,000.  Couple that with the cost of building a race car and you see the immediate value.  

I love the fact that this 2002’s interior sports a Porsche 912 tachometer from a 1968-69 car.  The redline on those tachs is 6,000 and mates to the BMW’s four cylinder well.  I imagine the tach needed an electronic circuit board add-on though.  When I took my ’66 912 to Pertronix ignition, getting rid of the points and condenser, the tach jumped wildly until I had it rebuilt by North Hollywood Speedometer.  Seems the electronic signal in these VDO gauges needs to be re-calibrated to pick up the different pulse. 

Paul Kramer has this listed at the AutoKennel in Southern California.  Paul is a solid guy, I know him personally.  If you are looking for quality cars you can’t go wrong working with him.

“Just fill up the tank, put some fresh rubber on, load up the trailer, and you are off to enjoy some affordable vintage racing.  I wish this setup was available when I started racing.  What a bargain!  These 2002’s are great racecars.  They are affordable, safe, and extremely reliable.  It comes with a great enclosed trailer that provides storage between events.  Plus, the camaraderie with the vintage racing groups makes this sport extremely fun.

Jeff Tighe of TP Motorsports built this car for himself several years ago.  As a seasoned vintage racer, he knew what would be a competitive and reliable setup.  He built this car from the ground-up.  The car qualifies for D-Sedan in VARA as well as B-Sedan or 2.5 Challenge in HMSA and HSR.

The engine is a stock 2.0L that is fairly fresh with recent compression of 150 across all 4 cylinders.  It has a 38 Weber carb.  The car weighs around 2,100 pounds and puts out 103hp at the rear wheels.  In recent years, Jeff has dominated D-Sedan in VARA.

Further enhancements include:
Baffled oil pan
Ammunition box for Odyssey battery
BMW 320i 5-speed gearbox with 3:90 diff
Porsche 912 Tachometer
Original Factory 3.0 CS dash
Weight Jackers built into rear springs
Alpina “pig skin” flares
Cage ties into rear subframe, front frame rails, and front shock towers (very safe and stiff)
Heim jointed adjustable front control arms
Bilstein shocks
Adjustable strut rods (caster)
Built-in camber plates to cage
Coil-over front suspension
Ireland sway bars
Fuel safe 18 gal fuel cell (prewired for gauge)
Mechanical gauges
BMW 320 rear drums with BMW 3.0 CS front ventilated disc brakes
Cobra Evolution race race seat with brace and 6-point belts (expired for competition…ok for test/tune days)
Side net
Campagnelo 13×6 wheels
13×6 Alpina wheels with BMW 320 offset

Furthermore, this package includes a 2005 Carson Racer Dovetail 26’ Enclosed trailer.  The trailer includes everything you see in the pictures:

Air compressor
Jack with 2 jack stands
Lug wrench
Electrical winch for tongue
Towing weight jackers
Electric brakes
All wired and lights working
Permanent CA trailer license
Aluminum ramps built into door
EZ-Up canopy
Tire rack
Tie downs.

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