1971 XKE 2 Seat Couple 4 Spd 6CYL Factory Air Matching Numbers Owned Since ’89 NO RESERVE

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$_57-5 $_57-6 $_57-7 $_57-8 $_57-9

While I’m a fan of the 3.8 liter more than the 4.2, mostly for the smooth valve cover design, I wouldn’t talk down to it. The big steering wheel, blue on blue coupe is magnificent. And it’s a 4 spd manual.

On eBay in Temperance, Michigan with no reserve. Needs some help but don’t they all.

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  1. Groosh

    Owner says “needs restoration work in multiple areas beyond my ambitions and financial and technical aptitude.” Looks like rust in the floor pan structure. He’s got 100 photos in Photobucket but I didn’t go through them.

  2. Paul

    An absolutely gorgeous car, one of the best looking of all time but here’s a gig but, have you ever driven one? I had the unfortunate experience with 2 separate coupes a few years back and decided that they are best used for expensive garage art. Just my opinion but the drive really was shocking, nowhere near as good as an MGB GT, that’s shocking!

  3. Groosh

    Expensive garage art it is then! Plus getting the groceries, hot dates with my wife and showing it off at Cars and Coffee.

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