1971 Triumph Tiger 650 TR6R

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I was killing time on the way home picking up a pizza for dinner, they said it would be ready in 20-25 minutes, so I took the road less traveled and saw this Triumph. As the ad says, very original. I think this blue looks terrific. The front brake duct is a feature I think of on more modern bikes so I was surprised to see it. But I prefer the high pipe look of the TR6C.

  1. Tamara Brown

    Trying to find a way to email you, hope this gets to you as I would love to have an answer to my question. I was looking through some pictures of old vintage mini bikes, trying to find a match to one that I just bought. I found a picture of the Harley Mini bike with your website attached and wondered if it is actually yours or if you restored it for someone? I want to restore the one I found and am trying to find parts. Can you help me at all?

    Tamara Brown

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