1971 Maserati Ghibli SS (Eurospec)

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If I just had a tad more budget…
On eBay in Hershey, PA with reserved bidding at $84K.

“1971 Maserati Ghibli SS – Eurospec, (French Market)

This is a Real Eurospec SS, the rarest and most desirable of all classic Maserati V8 GT coupes only around 100 were ever made. #2110 was a Special Order for a long time Maserati customer, the President of the Société Marseillaise de Credit, Edouard de Cazalet. The car was ordered in Black with Wild Boar Skin Interior including headliner. It features a unique full width storage bin behind the seats with straps to secure additional luggage. The odometer indicates 60,000 kilometers (37,000 miles).

When the Bank was Nationalized, de Cazalet joined the World Bank in Washington DC bringing Ghibli SS #2110 with him. It was sold to an Airline Pilot that owned the car for 17 years restoring it, including rebuilding the engine. (Photo of bare metal restoration included) In 1996 it was sold to an attorney that kept the car for 10 years until I purchased it in 2006. The car was featured in Autoweek’s Escape Roads – May 21, 2010.

Includes copies of the original Factory Build Sheets and extensive records dating back over 20 years including those related to the engine rebuild. Service performed by former National Technical Director of Maserati North America (from the 70’s thru early 90s) during my ownership, previous work performed by the well respected Grand Touring, Inc of Laurel, MD (now Dew Motorcars) for the previous owner.

The car is good driver quality, it is very reliable with a strong engine. I have owned 11 Maseratis and driven many more. This is without a doubt the most powerful classic GT V8 I’ve ever driven. I was told by the previous service shop that the engine was rebuilt during restoration by Holman Moody which is located in the home town of the previous owner. I don’t have documentation to verify it.

The car has 5 relatively new correct Michelin XWXs tires.

Books and Tools.”

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