1970 Datsun Fairlady Roadster 1600

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Overhead at the paint shop:

“So you want everything black?  Even the wheels and trim??”

“Yeah, yeah, everything black wheels too.  No, no wait.   Do the trim and inner wheel but leave the hub caps chrome… and the bumpers.  Yeah, a little pop of chrome to offset the black on black.  No wait, all black except for the trim.  That way it’s like ‘oh, what’s that coming down the block all dressed in black?  Bam!  Here I am, Datsun 1600!’  

“Ok boss, all black except for the trim.”

“No, wait.  Screw-it.  All black, no chrome.  Everything, even the chrome taillight surrounds.  I don’t want one person checking their teeth for spinach.  All black.” 

“Nobody picking their teeth in this thing, got it boss.”

On eBay in Huntington Beach with reserved bidding starting at $200.  I kid because I can but I actually think it looks pretty good.  Wouldn’t do it.  But can appreciate it on a level. 

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