1969 Porsche 912

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As always, a sucker for a no reserve auction.  This one started at $912 dollars and has quickly reached $6,500.  Owner is advertising 24,000 “undocumented miles” and goes on to say he has collectively driven 911s and 912s over 500,000 miles so he outta know.  Uh huh.   I quote “I cannot factually docment that these are original miles, however from my experience I would say that these miles very well could be original. WHY ? I have recorded well over 500,000 driving miles on Porsche 911’s and 912’s. The first thing that creates this impression is the smooth running of this 4 cylinder motor. This 912 runs and drives better than any other 912 I have ever driven. It’s almost as quiet as driving as a new Prius. The 5 spped transmission shifts very smooth also.” 

Tell you what I think… you can’t spell.  No, no, I kid.  24K mile engines typically don’t have repainted parts, generator units that aren’t original and padding/insulation that has been replaced which probably means the engine was dropped.  Plus he doesn’t offer any engine numbers which would easily identify the originality of the engine to the car.  Anybody that has driven 500K should know something about buying and selling these cars since he’s no Irv Gordon.  

Hey curtisaa, if you truly believed this was a low mileage car why would you let it fly off at no reserve?  How’s that .714 eBay batting average treating you now?

On eBay in Pasadena. 

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