1969 Porsche 912

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So back to my collection funk started yesterday’s Allard post.  I’m able to get the jump on cars like this 912.  The car looks pretty and is a rising tide opportunity. But will it ever outpace returns in the stock market?  Probably not.  Will it be sought after by the likes of Steven-McQueen-911S-trickle-down-effect-chasers?  Hardly to nardly.  Is it a classic?  Sure.  But not a rare one.  It seems all the rare cars and barn finds are price evaluated on eBay or Sports Car Market before their rotten tires roll for dollars.  When they do make it to market, you have collectors and collector funds buying on speculation instead of pant time.  It gets depressing as they push more cars out of the hands of the car guy.  But I still love my cars and I’ll always love this game. 

By the way, this 912 was inspected by my friend in Ohio last night.  We already knew it didn’t have an engine but those are easy to come by.  The real cost to recover would be ringing out the “Armor All Effect”.  This car had the most G-awful paint job that only looked good in these pictures, the dash was pealing, the door panels had crappy speakers cut in them, there was rust despite the claim there wasn’t, the carpet was shot, the fuchs wheels were hand painted, some door damage, all rubber painted over (door handles, mirrors, windows NOTHING was removed before paint), all bushings were shot, all rubber shot, the tires were useless, gas tank needed redoing, wrong mirrors, tinted windows, no ignition key (was drilled out for a push button replacement), stereo cut into dash, this car needed everything.  
But it will sell.  Most likely site unseen to some sap who should puff puff pass this one to the right.
On Hemmings in Cincinnati, Ohio for $5,000.

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