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“1969 Avenger GT40 project car……..restoration project…Porsche 6 cylinder 2litre 5 speed powered,many new parts,new rotors,new headers ,new calipers,new piston kit for engine,new front suspension.I have too many projects and have to let it go.My shop could do the restoration and make it a turn key car for you.$4500.00 as is. 

So there is no confusion,the car is in pieces,it was a road going car at one time,but it is a restoration project for someone with an above average skill set to build it to its full potential.1600 pounds and a potential 250hp….you do the math…”

My math says the engine and tranny are 85% of the value of the car.  Wait let me erase and start over.  Opps, 95%.    

On Cleveland Craigslist.

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