1968 Jaguar XKE Coupe 4.2L Series 1.5

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December 20, 2011 – This did not make reserve at $18,100 ending bid.

December 14, 2011 – Original paint on old cars looks better to me when it’s crusty and rusty.  Call it history.  Call it patina.  Call it neglect.  I just like it.  There was a recent story on an original 40 year old BMW 2002 in Sports & Exotic Car with 10K miles.  The judges at the event where the car was showed needed big convincing there had not been a repaint.  How could it look that good after that long?  Who stores a modest 2002?  Sports Car Market covered two nearly identical Bugattis, one a barn find parts in primer and one restored.  Both went for similar money around $350K, in similar time frames and the author was befuddled.  

Are we becoming a collector community seeking originality at all costs?  Enough to make us non-believers when we see the real thing or simply ignoring the value of work or lack thereof.       

This Jaguar is not the original color and has a minor rocker repair.  But doesn’t it simply look like a wonderful barn find?  Doesn’t it make you want to snap it up, give it love and bring it back?  Would a perfectly restored example stir those emotions? 
On eBay in California with a reserve.  

“Up for auction is a 1968 Jaguar E-Type Coupe. NOT a 2+2. Original 4.2L and all-gear synchromesh 4-speed manual. All numbers match. 2 Stromberg carbs. 9:1 compression. Dual exhaust.

Runs well with plenty of power and shifts smoothly. Burns clean; does not smoke.

Purchased not-running in 2006. My dad worked on it along with an old certified Jaguar mechanic who lives in town. Since then, it has had a tune-up (points, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, condenser), a valve adjustment, a rebuilt radiator, heater hoses, fan belt, rebuilt upper brake master cylinder and system bleed, brake pads, rebuilt clutch hydraulics (master, slave, hoses, some pipes) and system bleed, new thermostat, rebuilt (but not re-bushed–didn’t need it) carbs, new oil pan and valve cover gaskets, and rebuilt fuel pump. The wheel bearings were greased. Rear end differential oil was drained and replaced. The fuel tank was also drained and flushed. The freeze plugs were replaced as needed. The vales are set at .006 and .008.

1968 was the only year with gaps in the cam timing chain gears. We believe the car stopped running years ago because it skipped a gear which caused the engine to halt. The timing chain gears were replaced with gapless gears. 

This car was used as a vintage racer in the 1970s. There were two concourse badges affixed to the glove box lid, one of which fell off and is dated 1977. I have some old registration and a gas receipt book that Mr. Roberts, the owner, kept from the time. It had a rear windshield wiper and washer bottle installed in the rear window that was removed, which explains the two holes in the rear hatch. There was an air horn installed, which needs to be fixed. Also, a fire extinguisher system was fitted to the interior and engine compartment, with thin metal pipes connecting the canisters and a large red PUSH knob on the dash. I removed the fire extinguisher cans, in case they might combust, but still have them. The electrical shut-off switch, to the left of the driver’s footwell was another add-on; it functions properly. It was also fitted with 3-point racing belts.

It has a sticker and a patch sewn on the carpet next to the shifter from E-Jag, the Eastern Jaguar Group. There is also a metal badge next to the rear license plate.

The engine might’ve been rebuilt at some point since it was a racer. When they opened the motor, it looked very clean and shiny inside.

The car comes with its original speakers in their casing. I removed them so I could work around the interior more easily. There is no radio. I believe the previous owner had it removed and did some rearranging of the rear compartment. Please refer to photos. Has spare tire. The interior is in good condition as pictured. Dash has some tears. Headliner is there, but old.

Dash lights work intermittently. Wipers, head lights, brake lights, and rear lights all work. Some switches on the panel do not work. The rear window defroster and interior dome light do not work.

Has some rust on the driver’s floor panel and the lower doors. It also has surface rust in several areas; please refer to photos. There is a new piece of sheet metal installed on the passenger side rocker panel. I don’t feel it was abused as a vintage racer and it seems it was taken care of as needed. It has a very straight body and drives straight. I don’t think it was ever wrecked. The original color was a maroon red.

Comes with some extra parts including headlight and windshield trim. I do not have bumper guards, front or back.

Will need new tires and front end bushings that I know of.

Clear title in my possession. Car is current on registration. The XKE license plates do not come with the car. Since it was stored by the previous owner for so long, he lost the ownership to the plates and it now has new plates.”

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