1966 Land Rover Series 2A 109

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“Hello, and thank you for looking at my Land Rover Series 2a 109 for sale.  Before I describe it here, please let me ask that you read the ENTIRE ad before...”

Umm, yeah.  You wrote like a lot and I don’t feel like reading everything.  I’m more of a bullet point kinda guy.  Sooooo skip to the last sentence:


“In short, it’s solid, drives excellently, and is an unusually rust free classic Series 109 that won’t disappoint you. With some sprucing and paint it would be a great investment, as it has many desirable options and features.”

There we go!   How about you start with being short?  Such as: “105K miles, no rust, needs cosmetics, ex-desert storm truck with 3 gas tanks, have 200 TDi engine available for swap if interested.  Call me and I’ll tell you about the Volvo seats.”  Done.   

Portland Oregon truck going for a Buy it Now of $7,600 or bid real close to that.


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  1. Anonymous

    FYI. This was for sale on craigslist for $5k a week ago…although it’s still not a bad price.

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