1966 F250 "Custom Cab" Factory 4×4

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Hemmings Motor News is one of my subscriptions but I never conquer it cover to cover like most magazines.  I’ll read  it like the old days of dictionary diving.  Pick it up, thumb side of pages, stop, open and read.  Surprise trucks!  While early trucks are going up in value, you can still find some pretty stunning restorations that run around $20K.  It was a good section. 

Listings with no pictures are always complimented by competitive listings with one photo.  For a car guy, it makes understanding year to year design changes easy.  Dealer ads are next to private listings and the only way to tell who is who is to get to the end to see a dealer email/website or something personal.  

As I perused, one of the dealer names repeated and stuck with me: RustFreeClassics.com.  They didn’t offer pictures but with such an easy website name, I figured I’d look them up later to check out their photos.  Yikes, kinda sorry I did.  Have you ever heard the old adage, de-clutter when you sell a house?  Same rule applies to websites.  There were so many colors, things flashing and flags waving I could hardly focus to locate the truck I came for.  Once I did, I was too annoyed to give it the attention intended.  

Someone that builds websites should really reach out to them and offer their services because they’ve got the right name but need to back it up.

On RustFreeClassics.com

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