1965 Maserati Quattroporte Base 4.1L (49235 ORIGINAL MILES)

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$_57 $_57-2 $_57-1

The guy seems does a solid job describing the car and did some great work to get it running. I would love to get my hands dirty on this one.

On eBay with time expiring right now in Oregon. $20K reserve not tripped, one bid.

“Here is a rare opportunity to acquire an untouched 1965 Maserati Quattroporte series 1. Rebuilt the front and rear calipers, brake master cylinder, flushed all of the gas tanks, and installed new fuel lines. The original 10″ clutch was seized so i pulled the transmission and converted the unobtainable original clutch to a more dependable and available 9.5″ Ferrari Daytona Borg and beck clutch kit. I recently performed a compression test on the original engine and all 8 cylinders were within 5% of each other, with compression at around 170psi. The engine starts right up and sounds very healthy, however, i would recommend reconditioning the engine with all new gaskets, seals, and bearings since the engine is 50 years old. This is a very early car, equipped with the de-dion rear end, inboard disc brakes and the early s5-325 zf transmission as found on the Ghibli or Aston db5. This transmission is far more reliable compared to the later s5-20 zf. Also, notice the single cibie headlight setup which is a far more attractive design. The early Quattroporte had a better sub-frame assembly than the later cars. The sub-frame extends past the firewall, all the way to the center section on the car, unlike the later cars where the sub-frame would end near the fire wall providing greater stability and better handling at high speed. This car did not come equipped with ac from the factory. The body is very sound with no rust on the chassis, floors or hood. However, there are a couple of small bubbles on the bottom of the doors. The paint is cracking and lifting in a few places. See attached photos of the hood showing the paint lifting off but there is no rust! This is probably one of the only solid Quattroportes currently available on the market. The interior is original and shows tears on the driver seat with leather cracking in a few other places. This Maserati would be a perfect candidate for restoration and be that as it may, with only a very few Quattroportes remaining on the road, this would be a wonderful addition to a Maserati collection. Rarely does one come up on the market, especially in its original patina.”

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