1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint Series 1

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I would love to be in this guy’s barn.
UPDATE: The seller removed the BIN and is letting the auction ride with no reserve.  Bidding is at $4,300 and closed on May 14, 2011 for $12,645.67.  I wonder if the seller was disappointed as this was $6K less than the projected BIN.

Clearly someone is a collector and knows what they are talking about.  Well done.  On eBay in Northwest, Colorado for Buy it Now of $18,500.

“For sale is a totally original, complete classic ‘Big Alfa’. This car shows 43,575 ORIGINAL KILOMETERS on its odometer. It is a later, Series 1 car with front AND rear disc brakes. It has the original, correct wheels and hubcaps, including the spare, with 5 good Michelin 165-400 (the original brand and size) tires. Mechanically the car is completely in good working order, and has never been touched mechanically beyond tune-ups and oil changes. Because the car has been stored, it would be prudent for any buyer to change all of the fluids. Storage has been indoors in a high desert climate. All of the chrome and trim is present and in outstanding, original condition with the exception of some pitting on the top of the rear bumper and a small dent in the right rear bumper. The car is completely rust free EXCEPT for at the bottom of the outer door skins. I believe that the rust on the bottom outside of the doors is due to condensation which resulted from the fact that the car ‘resided’ in a coastal climate for a long time before it came to me. The paint is the original silver, is oxidized and powdery, and needs to be re-done properly. The body is completely straight, has never been hit. The ONLY damage is that which is pictured on the right rear bumper. The interior leather and headliner are the original, and in reasonable shape relative to their age. There is one split seam in the seat cushion of the driver’s seat, and the carpet on the driver’s side floor is missing. All of the glass is good. The rubber trunk floor mat is present.
This car is an outstanding, original ‘survivor’ example of the European version of the updated (rear disc brakes) first series (which had various ‘nicer’ bits of finish hardware than the second series) of the last of the ‘Big Alfas’. It richly deserves to go to a good home where it will be properly ‘preserved’ –and driven– as a wonderful example of its kind.
This car’s body design was the first complete vehicle design by Georgetto Guigaro–he did this car during the early stages of his career, whilst working for Bertone, and before he started his own coachworks.
The car’s engine is the classical Alfa twin overhead cam, 2600 cc ‘big six’ (inline) design, with aluminium head and block. The transmission is an Alfa 5 speed manual.”

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