1961 Volvo PV544

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UPDATE: The bidding ended on April 13, 2011 at approximately $20,031.  It was a no sale.

Original Post: If you ever doubted an early Volvo could look bitchin’ in race drag, here’s the proof.  Cool lost & found history as well.

“Originally built by Volvo Sport for rallying, it was modified for road racing in the late 80’s by Schonfeld Engineering of Scarborough Ontario.  From it’s vintage racing debut to 1992 it won  most everything it entered, at such historic courses including; Mosport, St. Jovite, Watkins Glen, Lime Rock, Grattan, Mid-Ohio, Road America and Road Atlanta. Two log books verify these achievements.

The car then disappeared for some 12 years, thought to be hidden over a marital dispute. In the summer of ’04, while participating in the VARAC festival featuring Canadian built ‘specials’ at Mosport the owner heard a rumour that indicated this car was hidden in the Vancouver, Canada area. After many calls and finally locating family members, the car was found, inspected and eventually purchased.
The car was completely disassembled and repainted, along with a rebuild of every major component. It re:entered active vintage reacing in the spring of 2005 in Pacific North West events sponsored by both SOVREN and SCCBC. It has been a very fun and reliable car, placing well throughout the past years, finishing the 2010 season with a 1st at the SCCBC finals in Vancouver Canada.”
On eBay in Canada for a Buy it Now of $26,000 CDN.

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