1961 Land Rover Series II 88

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Never mind buying the truck, when are you going to put some chairs in that garage so I can start drinking while looking at it.
On eBay in Lima, Peru with a lot of detail but a zero feedback seller… hmmmm…

“This 1961 Land Rover has had only one owner since its arrival in Lima in 1968. Since then, it has been garaged in an immaculate facility and treated with care by its second owner. Every part of this Land Rover is in perfect working order.The entire body has been replaced with high quality aluminum, with the exception of the driver and passenger side doors. These two doors are exact replicas made from high quality steel in case of side impact. This also ensures a precision fit for the locking mechanisms. For added security new key cylinders and keys have been added to the driver side door, passenger side door, and the swinging rear door. Just under the windows on the sides and in the back there are very low profile tie down hooks to assist in tying down roof loads. All 12 pieces of glass on this Land Rover are original. Please refer to the photo gallery for images of the seal of authenticity from the glass panes. The windows are coated with Protomax, which is clear to the naked eye and will keep shattered glass from imploding into the Land Rover. There are some after market light bars on the top of the Land Rover which can be removed without any damage to the vehicle. There are two fog lights on the front fender that can also be removed with out any damage to the vehicle. (see photo gallery for images) The rims are steel and original to the land rover, the tire size now is 245/75 r15 Grand Trek Dunlop. Brand new! There are three belted seats in the front, and four belted jump seats in the back. These jump seats comfortably fold down for a cruise to the beach or a little league game, and easily fold upright for plenty of storage. The driver side front seat has a 12”x12”x16” steel hasped lock box for added security. There is soft blue carpet from floor board to head liner in impeccable condition, along with perfect matching upholstery which is the same color and in the same condition. In order to keep continuous airflow, there are ceiling air vents in addition to the dashboard air vents. This system works very well, and is 1961’s version of AC. The dashboard is in perfect working order. Photographs are available of every working electrical part of this Land Rover.This engine is the original engine to this Land Rover. It was rebuilt in 2010 using only the original engine parts. All of the cylinders are original. The British made Solex carburetor model 361v is original and rebuilt. The radiator housing is original, photos are available of the embossed serial number and British town it was made in. The copper insides have been replaced, for obvious reasons: after 51 years not much fluid could pass through the radiator. The grate that protects the radiator from the outside of the Land Rover has been nickel plated. This provides protection from any fluids being topped off in the engine compartment, keeps it from rusting, and protects it from other environmental contaminants.This Land Rover is a wonderful collector’s piece. It is well suited to being a pampered toy or a family beach cruiser. Please take a look at the photo gallery to fully appreciate the beauty of this classic. Take your time and look at each one, because ebay photos and Nantucket sunsets have something in common. There both free!”

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