1960 Cadillac DeVille

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This was one year after the totally classic ’59 Cadillac with the double taillight bulbs on the fins that made this car famous.  I’m not really a fan but am reminded of a business venture my college friend Cory and I came up with in the late 80’s.  Ship big tail fin cars to Japan.  We were at San Diego State University at the time, so west coast shipping was doable and car sourcing from dry rust free states prevalent.

We researched it quite heavily; export companies, import guidelines, prices, margins and desire by the Japanese.  Remember this was the hay day of their buying American spree, bigger was better.  We never went through with it despite Cory learning some Japanese and spending six months in Tokyo his sophomore year.  Regrets?  Not really.  Sure I would have loved that jump into the car arena and export knowledge but boy would I feel guilty today putting our huge-butt cars on their tiny tiny streets.

On eBay in Freehold, New Jersey for $11,900 Buy it Now. 

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