1959 Mercedes-Benz 190SL

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There was once a 190SL parked (rotting) under a tree near where I used to live in West Bloomfield, Michigan around Long Lake and Middlebelt.  My friend Tom, Killer, told me where it was down a dead end court and said his dad had worked with the guy who owned it.  He still had his phone number.   I tried calling to see if the owner wanted to sell but no one ever returned my calls.  I didn’t have the guts 20+ years ago to simply knock on the door.   

Years went by, the car never moved but I did.  Yet, I still watch these cars with interest since “discovering” that one.  They’ve never been worth much even as the younger brother of the 300SL.  Values hovered around $20K for tens of years until lately good restored ones started to fetch north of $50K. 

This one out of Lake Oswego, Oregon is on eBay with no reserve and bidding starting at $200.  The motor isn’t matching numbers, the tach is missing and the seats look like throw up but essentially it’s all there and fairly solid.  Good candidate for restoration.

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