1959 Goliath Express 1100 pickup Original Unrestored Rare

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Check out the link with more details.

This would make a great character truck for some guy that runs a restoration business.

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“The Goliath 1100 was a model line that included sedans, wagons and light trucks in the mid-’50s to early ’60s.  The “Express” was the light truck and car series. The company, Goliath Werke (part of Carl. F. W. Borgward GmbH., which included Lloyd Werke and Hansa Werke) produced many different types of automobiles, large trucks, and various other modes of transport, in addition to this little truck.  In 1961, under dubious circumstances the factory filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations.  Carl. F. W. Borgward died in 1963 from heart failure.

Goliath was a German car brand started in 1928 and which was part of the Borgward group. Goliath was based in  Bremen and specialized in three wheeler cars and trucks and medium sized cars.

The company Goliath-Werke Borgward & Co. was created by Carl F. W. Borgward and Wilhelm Tecklenburg in 1928. The first models were three-wheelers trucks derived from the Blitzkarren previously built by Borgward. The first passenger car was the Goliath Pioneer in 1931, which still had three wheels and a one-cylinder engine. Until 1934, 4000 of these small cars where produced in various types of body. The Pioneer was considered as a forerunner of the Hansa models 400 and 500.

After World War II
[edit] Personal car models
Goliath GP 700
Goliath 700 1955

These were front wheel drive two door sedans.

    * Goliath GP700 (1950-1957) — two cylinder, inline, two stroke, water cooled, transverse engine (anticipating the Mini and many recent cars). In 1952 introduced Bosch direct fuel injection, around the same time as the Gutbrod Superior 600; they were the first two cars to use this technology.

    * Goliath GP900 (1955-1957) — two cylinder, inline two stroke, water cooled, transverse engine, Bosch direct fuel injection.

    * Goliath 1100 (1957-1958) — four cylinder opposed four stroke water cooled engine

[edit] Light trucks
Goliath Dreirad

    * Goliath GD750 three-wheeler (1949-1955)
    * Goliath Dreirad (1955-1961)
    * Goliath GV800 (1951-1953)
    * Goliath Express (1953-1961)

[edit] The End

From 1958, the Goliath 1100 models were sold under the brand Hansa, the Borgward group wanted to forget the two-stroke engine and three wheeler image.

Three years later, in 1961, the Borgward group collapsed.”

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