1957 & 1958 Edsel cars – $600 (Whitmore Lake)

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It’s like getting in a fight on the playground, now it’s your new best friend.  These cars have been hated for so long they are actually starting to become popular for being uniquely ugly.  I seem to recall one doing strong money like maybe $50ish??? at auction although their values on eBay are still in the teens at best.

On Ann Arbor Craigslist.

“Barn fresh pair of Edsels. Interiors are bad, each car is hit in the l.h. door.
1, 2 door & 1, 4 door. the cars rowl, drive train looks complete.
Great for parts or build 1 from the 2. No title. $600.00 is firm, that is scrap price.”

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  1. Dougo

    50 bucks eh. Sounds a bit bullish to me. Tell you what, if you give $200 each I’ll take em to the recylers for you. Someone once said that the Edsel was the only car ever made with a vagina on the front. Also, what the hey is a “rowl” ?

    • Groosh

      Thanks for finding my post from 2013 and writing in. I continue to have a strange attraction to these cars. I recently saw a wagon for around $6,000 in nice shape and thought it would be a fun car to own. I hope someone sees their value and buys them.

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