1928 Chris Craft Triple Cockpit

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The Great Gatsby was one of my favorite books.  It also made it to the movies so you might have heard.  We just watched the latest version with Leo and Toby and enjoyed the entertainment.  For the 49 Rotten Tomatoes rating it got, it wasn’t all that bad.  I’ll spare you my critique but there was one scene with Gatsby’s gorgeous wood boat.  Hmmm, gorgeous wood boat that needs to be kept in the water so it doesn’t dry out and leak like G’s wallet during his insane parties. 

A no reserve auction from Worldwide Auctioneers going off on Saturday, September 21.  It’s all part of The Burt Collection in Lake Forest, Illinois, 125 no reserve lots, mostly motorcars.  Thanks to reader Mike S. for the heads up.

  1. Mark

    Your statement, “dry out and leak” reminds me of a story my dad has told many times. Growing up, his family owned a wooden Chris Craft (not one of the beautiful golden-era ones) that they used on Lake St. Clair. The last spring they had it, as the sling lowered it from dry-dock, the boat just kept sinking further-and-further into the water. The wood had finally dried out (due to lack of maintenance) to the point where it wouldn’t hold water any longer. No one in our family has owned a wood boat since.

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