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Okay, you all probably saw this, but I had to make a comment. When do you know you have more money than brains? When you crash your Bugatti Veyron into the lake and aren’t going down with ship because you can’t face yourself, or your wife, at the fact that you just threw away $1 million dollars.

Thank you, Associated Press for bringing this story and image to us…

For those of you that haven’t read the story, a guy was apparently “scared” by a bird, causing him to drop the phone he was holding – which he then leaned over to grab, and turned directly into the lake.

This is dumb in so many ways, but I guess the it makes the case for handsfree phones…and that rich shitheads should get themselves a personal driver…

  1. Paul "Groosh" Grusche

    This is quite amazing. The havoc reeked on your car because of water damage, especially salt water damage will render this car a great looking piece of wall art. I can’t wait to hear if the insurance settled.

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