This Jaguar XJ-S was found on Craiglist with a price cut from $7,400 to $3,500. But upon calling the owner representative offered even more off to a bottom $2,500 bottom line. I figured why not take a shot at my first V12? The owner passed away and the car was stored by a relative. It was said to barely run and would not shift because of broken transmission linkage.


  • Purchased September 1, 2021 from Detroit, Michigan with 62,149 miles
  • VIN# SAJNV5849HC137722
  • Off the road for 5-7 years
  • Original paint code: HEN Jaguar Racing Green
  • Leather interior in good nick trim code: ADE Biscuit
  • Not running properly
  • Shift linkage broken
  • Steering broke and wheel spun freely when loaded on trailer
  • Had fresh oil
  • Coolant looked clean


Engine related work:

  • Pulled fuel rail, cleaned injectors
  • New fuel line and seals to all injectors
  • New NGK TR5 spark plugs gap .025″
  • New distributor cap and rotor


Body and interior work:

• Cleaned rust in doors, coated with POR-15 inside
• Repainted entire bonnet area with POR-15
• Polished both VIN number plates inside bonnet
• Powder coated smugglers box door, DuPont Flat Black
• Painted smugglers box with POR-15
• Added heavy duty hood shocks that stopped holding the heavy driving lights within a few months
• Rubber bonnet seal pulled, POR-15 entire edge, new seal in bag comes with car
• Cleaned over spray on fuse box covers and related wiring
• Pulled bumpers, cleaned, POR-15
• Added fiberglass red bumpers I had to save weight, the front is cracked
• Fitted 914 door kit plate above rear bumper


Suspension, brakes and wheels:
• Running date matched 1969 14″ Fuchs, no center caps
• 2018 GT Radial Touring VP Plus 195 /75 R14 92T SL BSW with around 500 miles
• 14″ Fuch spare
• All new wheel bearings up front
• Rebuilt front brake calipers, zinc gold plated