This Jaguar XJ-S was found on Craiglist with a price cut from $7,400 to $3,500. Upon calling the owner representative, he offered more off to a bottom line $2,500. I figured why not take a shot at my first V12? The owner passed away and the car was stored by a relative. It was said to barely run and would not shift because of broken transmission linkage.

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  • Purchased September 1, 2021 from Detroit, Michigan with 62,149 miles
  • VIN# SAJNV5849HC137722
  • Off the road for 5-7 years
  • Original paint code: HEN Jaguar Racing Green
  • Leather interior in good nick trim code: ADE Biscuit
  • Started but barely, a little scary, sounded like it was running on half its cylinders
  • Shift linkage broken
  • Steering broke and steering wheel spun freely when loaded on trailer
  • Driver tail light smashed in plus corner metal bent
  • Coolant fan pushed into housing causing a rub. Car was jacked up under radiator cross member bending everything
  • Original radio, no cracks in dash, wood in good shape
  • Had fresh documented oil change
  • Coolant looked clean

Engine related work:

  • Pulled fuel rail, cleaned injectors
  • New fuel line and seals to all injectors
  • New NGK TR5 spark plugs gap .025″
  • New distributor cap and rotor

Body and interior work:

  • Cleaned up interior, some mold was starting as evidenced by dots on the leather
  • New driver tail light, bumped out and touched up dent there
  • New antenna body rubber

Suspension, brakes and wheels:

  • Pulled the rear sub-frame assembly
  • New rotors and calipers, made new brake lines between the pistons on each caliper
  • Replaced front shock tower rubber