Sold May 20, 2020

This first and only year 1984 Honda Elite 125 was purchased last year. The Honda Elites are the only scooter ever made with a pop up headlight. The 125 was only made in ’84. Honda continued the popup headlight in the 150 Deluxe for ’85 and ’86. The added power was a welcome addition before Honda discontinued their mid range scooter in favor on the 250cc and 80cc.

I bought it as a basket case and proceeded to get everything back to as original as I could. What’s nice about it, was the original seat and realtively low mileage at about 3,300. It has lots of scratches and bruises from poor storage but looks great when you take a step back. It fires right up and runs great. Everything works. Here is a list of the work completed and other details.

  • VIN # JH2JF020XEK006116
  • Original tool kit
  • Original owner’s manual
  • Original seat and paint
  • Plastic polished out on turn lens and brake light
  • New carburetor
  • New electronic choke mechanism
  • New sealed battery
  • Oil changed with Mobile 1 10 W30
  • New air filter
  • Clock battery replaced and operational, however set buttons not working
  • Cleaned underneath all panels
  • Original key was lost, new key was cut to fit all locks using proper lock codes
  • Custom license plate: symbol for the prefecture, Shizuoka, where the Honda factory that made Elites was located; the year made ’84; Japanese Kana text symbol “Fu” meaning fortune or good luck; last four of the VIN 6116; dragon icon
  • Clean registration as a scooter in my name