Sold – September 3, 2018

Purchase May 31, 2016 from West Lafayette, Indiana


  • 1974 Porsche 914 1.8 non matching motor
  • L-Jetronic fuel injection works great
  • VIN# 474 292 8559
  • Local car bought in Indiana by previous owner but no other history
  • Original color is Olympic Blue, paint code L51P
  • Accident damage to front driver corner, repaired ok, repainted metallic brown
  • Some dent repair to driver and passenger doors, filler can be seen through drill holes on inside
  • Dash is cracked, currently covered with plastic dash cap
  • Car is structurally sound with no rust in hell-hole (underneath battery) or in rockers/sills or floor seams
  • Rocker jack points need to be replaced
  • Rear trunk has rust hole
  • Doors open and close well

Work Completed:

  • Clean title in my name
  • 1974 authentic Michigan plates added
  • See Restoration Wednesday posts with ongoing updates on the project click here


  • Trouble shot and rebuilt fuel injector wiring harness (thanks to Tim from 914 World) with patched wiring and new injector clips. Link here to the 914 World forum with the back and forth
  • Wired the fuel pump back to original specs, fuel pump working correctly, full pressure at rail
  • All fuel injectors tested and spray correctly
  • Replaced all vacuum lines
  • New spark plugs, NGK hotter plugs
  • New spark plug wires
  • Hot spark ignition replacing points
  • Adjusted exhaust and intake valves to .006″
  • Added gray powder coated valve covers
  • Moved ground from fan shroud to engine block
  • Pulled both heat exchangers, filed connection tips flat, added copper gaskets, reinstalled with new studs or nuts
  • Replaced muffler with Bursch exhaust that was on a previous car
  • Car hesitating at high RPM and back fires slightly on deceleration. Distributor hanging up.


  • Opened wiring harness from tail lights to fire wall and replaced ground wire, then wrapped up
  • New fuses in fuse panel
  • Missing relays replaced in panel
  • Rebuilt turn signals lights up front
  • Redid side marker lights added new gaskets from 914 Rubber
  • Rewired head lights and cleaned grounds
  • Headlights added and hooked up, added white used surrounds
  • Fixed burnt wiring in tail lights
  • Fixed cut wires and reconnected brake lights at pedal cluster and fuse panel
  • Added missing turn signal relay
  • Headlights, tail lights, wipers and turn signals work. No horns.


  • Replaced targa top
  • Replaced front hood springs, added cad plated release and catch hardware, new front hood seal
  • Repaired rear trunk lid shocks
  • Adjusted trunk to shut tight, added cad plated catch
  • Adjusted rear deck lid and trunk lid so they don’t interfere with each other when opening and closing
  • Front bumpers painted flat black, bumperettes removed
  • All lower valances removed and painted satin black, cosmetically they look pretty good but are rough on close inspection
  • Replaced black plastic side mirror with correct OEM chrome one, passenger side has two big holes from old mirror
  • Replaced tail light assemblies with good ones
  • Added European tail light lenses


  • Added chrome door handles inside along with chrome window cranks
  • Added driver side door pocket and passenger side “pocket” under the arm rest
  • Cleaned paint over-spray around inside door hardware
  • Secured bottom dash pad that was held in by two of seven screws
  • Replaced seats with good condition ones that still have some nicks
  • Replaced door cards with black vinyl with no speaker holes
  • Added the one nut between the door sheet metal and window regulator so the driver door handle would screw in place, this took almost 30 minutes to get that silly nut in place
  • Cleaned carpet and glued some pieces back in
  • Covered radio hole with new basket weave vinyl
  • Removed window tint on front windshield and side glass
  • Bought new horn ring rubber for steering wheel and correctly set the ring in the wheel
  • Freed up engine deck lid release cable
  • Restored metal button gauges for pre-1974 914s. Swapped these gauges in for a classic look
  • Powder coated gauge surround satin black
  • Replaced pedal board with proper brake and clutch pedal stop rubber
  • New gas pedal

Drive train:

  • Replaced stripped bolt on engine mount bar
  • Replaced o-ring and seal at speedometer angle drive
  • Changed the transmission fluid
  • Replaced engine firewall bushing, ball socket and transmission bushing for shift rod
  • New transmission side shifter cap with proper metal tie and rubber boot for shift rod
  • Rebushed the gas pedal, removed the pedal cluster and cleaned

Brakes and Wheels:

  • Bled the brakes
  • Right rear caliper stuck
  • Upgraded wheels to Riviera Rims with new tires Premium Radial Steel Belted 185/60 R15 that have less than 500 miles on them

Where do I look for parts?


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