Sold October 2020.

My friend found this car on Facebook in April of 2019. We were the first ones to show up with cash and trailer that day after someone took a pass on the car. It needed a lot but I was up for it. After cleaning up the mouse hotel, I went to work on replacing all the hydraulics so there was no risk of key component failure. New fuel injectors and all ignition related items got the 2.4 four cylinder running tip top. After waiting over a month for the only tires made to the original spec, a BF Goodrich 225/60 r14, I dropped the car off of jack stands one year later, and drove it for the first time in 26 years. It has its share of surface rust underneath on the suspension, has a hard start problem and the paint needs help. But it is a solid two owner car with only 58,488 miles and everything done except a/c. A true barn find documented in the hard bound book included with original window sticker and owners manual.


  • Purchased April 10, 2019
  • VIN # JT2RA65C8F4064582
  • One owner car purchased at Bob Saks Toyota in Farmington Hills, Michigan
  • 58,288 miles, original window sticker and manuals included
  • Stored in barn for 25 years from 1994 to 2019
  • Original paint, interior, radio
  • All electronics, lights, windows and sunroof work
  • Lumbar air bolster in seat back holds air
  • No rips or holes in the leather
  • A/C does not work
  • 22RE motor, fuel injected straight 2.4 liter, 4 cylinder
  • Runs, shifts and stops great
  • Paint is a 10 footer, one spot of rust on door otherwise the car is a survivor

Engine related work:

  • Gas tank dropped and Renu’d, coated inside and out, guaranteed for life
  • New fuel pump and fuel filter
  • New FJ1 fuel injectors
  • Throttle body and intake manifold gaskets
  • Bosch cap and rotor
  • NGK spark plugs and Denso wires
  • New alternator
  • New master clutch cylinder 
  • New slave cylinder
  • New muffler
  • Rear differential torn down, resealed plus new axle shaft seals, looked new inside
  • Mobile 1 10W30 engine
  • Valvoline GL 5 80-90W transmission
  • Wix air filter

Body and interior work:

  • Pulled the entire interior apart
  • Cleaned and conditioned seats
  • Sprayed carpet at car spray wash
  • Rebuilt original power antenna
  • New windshield
  • New wiper blades

Suspension, brakes and wheels:

  • Wheels vapor blasted, re-painted black lines, clear coated, no curb rash
  • All new rubber brake lines
  • New master brake cylinder
  • New rotors
  • New calipers and pads
  • New BF Goodrich tires, the only company to make the original size, 225/60 r14. Less than 100 miles on them.