Sold October 18,2023

When I visit my friend Roy in Hamilton, Ohio it’s always an adventure. I love poking around his barns and the yard to see what he’s working on. In some cases, he’s ready to sell. This particular time I opened my mouth. Hey Roy, what are you doing with that Bavaria? You want it Groosh? Yup. Done.

Completed work written about in Restoration Wednesday posts here.


Purchased in Hamilton, Ohio May 2, 2018
VIN #3104849
Sitting outside on a concrete slab for around three years, not running, most likely sitting for 30 years based on records and mileage
Mileage at purchase 108,613 only driven a couple hundred since
Last receipt with 103,716 miles September 8, 1987
Full M30 straight six 3.0 liter motor rebuild, see receipt below
At roughly 97,661 miles completed January 15, 1986 by German Motor Service Columbus, Ohio with 1985 head used
Dual Weber carburetors 32/36 DGAV-33B-1, Made in Spain
Headlights, turn signals, tail lights etc. did not work, currently only tail lights work
Original working radio and interior, dash cracked, front seat bottom cushions split
Rear window broken and gone, so dirt and the elements got inside for years
After driving then parking it for three weeks, there are no leaks on garage floor
Original bumpers included. The rear was dented not all rubber strips are there
No signs of accident damage

Drive train related work:

Pulled plugs, pulled value cover, soaked cylinders with Marvel Mystery Oil and Stabil Fogging Oil
Turned over by hand
Diagnosed faulty ignition switch after confirming starter worked, then backed out a home made push button starter wired incorrectly
Pulled steering column apart, hot wired the car with two toggles, one for accessories and one for full key on position, and one starter button
Pulled gas tank, cleaned, fresh fuel
New fuel pump with new fuel filter
New fuel lines
Rebuilt carburetors:
– 140 mains primary (left) and secondary (right)
– 60 air idle primary, 50 secondary
– 110 air correction primary, 160 secondary
– F50 emulsion tube primary, F50 secondary
– 50 pump jet
New spark plug wires
Pertronix 1867A
Added fresh radiator fluid
Rebuilt master clutch cylinder
Cracked power steering pump line repaired by tractor supply store
Transmission pulled apart, checked, pilot, throw out and input shaft bearings all replaced by Autocore Performance Group

Interior related work:

Cleaned, cleaned, cleaned
Made rear window from .187″ thick clear polycarbonate 60″x22″ from Professional Plastics
New HVAC fan motor BOSCH – 0 130 007 002
Blows hot heat
Headlights and wipers not operational
Wired with new switches and push button for start

Exterior related work:

Pulled door trim and trim below doors
Cleaned up rust spots, treated with Rustoleum Rust Reformer then followed up with Rustoleum Farm & Implement low gloss black
Pulled rear taillights and brushed aluminum panel and flip down license plate, cleaned up rust, polished and painted
Pulled apart wiper assembly that was rusted and wouldn’t operate, installed replacement assembly
Removed 16 gauge wire holding on exhaust system and added new proper rubber exhaust hangers

Brakes, Wheels, Suspension:

Powder coated five BMW steel rims with new 205/70/14 tires, original hubcaps included
New Centric brake master cylinder 130.34004
Made new hard brake line from front to rear proportioning valve then to right rear caliper
Stainless steel brake line kit (red lines) from Bavarian Autosport
Rebuilt front calipers
Rebuilt rear brake calipers
New front rotors
Powder coated brake dust shield, sway arm and springs
New control arms
New shock mounts with bearings (suspension pivots on these, they are pricey)
All new bushings up front
Repacked bearings with fresh grease
Repaired power steering hose and changed fluid

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