When I visit my friend Roy in Hamilton, Ohio it’s always an adventure. I love poking around his barns and the yard to see what he’s working on. In some cases, he’s ready to sell. This particular time I opened my mouth. Hey Roy, what are you doing with that Bavaria? You want it Groosh? $500 bucks. Done.

Completed work written about in Restoration Wednesday posts here.


  • Purchased in Hamilton, Ohio May 2, 2018
  • VIN #3104849
  • Sitting outside on a concrete slab for around three years, not running, most likely sitting for 30 years based on records and mileage
  • Mileage at purchase 108,613
  • Last receipt with 103,716 miles September 8, 1987
  • Full M30 straight six motor rebuilt
    • At roughly 97,661 miles completed January 15, 1986 by German Motor Service Columbus, Ohio
    • 1985 head used
  • Dual Weber carburetors 32/36 DGAV-33B-1, Made in Spain
  • No radiator fluid
  • No brake fluid
  • No clutch fluid
  • Headlights, turn signals, tail lights etc. did not work
  • Original working radio and interior, dash cracked, front seat bottom cushions split
  • Rear window broken and gone, so dirt and the elements got inside for years
  • Four nests found, two in trunk, one under rear seat, one in exhaust

Drive train related work:

  • Pulled plugs, pulled value cover, soaked cylinders with Marvel Mystery Oil and Stabil Fogging Oil
  • Turned over by hand
  • Diagnosed faulty ignition switch after confirming starter worked, then backed out a home made push button starter wired incorrectly
  • Pulled steering column apart, hot wired the car with two toggles, one for accessories and one for full key on position, and one starter button
  • Fired up car on starter fluid
  • Pulled gas tank, cleaned, fresh fuel
  • New fuel pump with new fuel filter
  • New fuel lines
  • Rebuilt carburetors:
    • 140 mains primary (left) and secondary (right)
    • 60 air idle primary, 50 secondary
    • 110 air correction primary, 160 secondary
    • F50 emulsion tube primary, F50 secondary
    • 50 pump jet
  • Temporary new Duralast points RB18 to verify car runs
  • New spark plug wires
  • Pertronix 1867A
  • Added fresh radiator fluid
  • Rebuilt master clutch cylinder
  • Cracked power steering pump line repaired by tractor supply store
  • Pilot, throw out and input shaft bearings all replaced by Autocore Performance Group

Interior related work:

  • Cleaned, cleaned, cleaned
  • Made rear window from .187″ thick clear polycarbonate 60″x22″ from Professional Plastics
  • Added period 1969 BMW 2002 steering wheel
  • New HVAC fan motor BOSCH – 0 130 007 002

Exterior related work:

  • Removed 633CSi spoiler and placed rear emblem back on trunk
  • Pulled door trim and trim below doors
  • Cleaned up rust spots, treated with Rustoleum Rust Reformer then followed up with Rustoleum Farm & Implement low gloss black
  • Pulled rear taillights and brushed aluminum panel and flip down license plate, cleaned up rust, polished and painted
  • Pulled apart wiper assembly that was rusted and wouldn’t operate, installed replacement assembly
  • Removed 16 gauge wire holding on exhaust system and added new proper rubber exhaust hangers

Brakes, Wheels, Suspension:

  • Added BMW BBS mesh wheels with used Michelin tires
  • New Centric brake master cylinder 130.34004
  • Made new hard brake line from front to rear proportioning valve then to right rear caliper
  • Stainless steel brake line kit (red lines) from Bavarian Autosport
  • Bought rebuilt calipers
  • Bought rebuilt rear brake calipers
  • New rotors
  • Powder coated brake dust shield, sway arm and springs
  • New control arms
  • New shock mounts with bearings (suspension pivots on these, they are pricey)
  • All new bushings up front
  • Repacked bearings with fresh grease
  • Repaired power steering hose and changed fluid
  • Alignment