UPDATE: Video of car running added and more pictures.

On Father’s Day in 2011 I bought this 1972 Porsche 914 1.7. A clean rust free chassis with Texas history but no motor or transmission in it. The original engine had dropped a valve and the owner pulled the drive train to fix it but never got around to it. He did however have the hell hole repaired and sprayed some primer in the rear trunk area.

I bought 2.0 liter car that was a complete basket case with no title and proceeded to do what it took to get the 2.0 swap done. This car fires right up with proper operating cold start valve and drives down the road and on the freeway the way it should. In June, I had it on the freeway at 75 mph for 30 minutes with no problems. The side shift transmission has worn first and second gear syncros but when the idle is down, it shifts up and down just fine. At a stop light, I typically do a shift to 2nd or 3rd gear before going down to 1st to line up the gear box and avoid grinding.

The numbers matching engine block comes with the car.

• Purchased on Father’s Day June 21, 2011 from Ann Arbor
• Texas car with copy of title from 1980, sold by Modern Motors San Angelo, TX
• Signal Orange L 20E over black
• Actual mileage unknown
• Matching numbers VIN 4722907344
• Hell hole repaired, otherwise no rust
• Accident damage passenger front side, replacement door from later model and fender
• Replacement rear trunk lid that is silver was added by previous owner
• Paint is tired, cracking and pealing
• Dash cracked
• Off the road for years with a dropped value and blown motor
• Numbers matching motor is apart and not in car, in storage now
• Porsche Certificate of Authenticity

Engine related work:
• Pulled gas tank, “Renu” treatment, sand blasted inside and coated with patented goo
• New fuel screen in tank
• Powder coated fuel splash catch, cad plated cap and hardware
• Added inline Bosch fuel pump
• Fuel sender is sticking, so not reading gas in tank. Fuel gauge works
• 2.0 liter motor added from rusted out 1974 Porsche 914 chronicled here in Restoration Wednesday
• New fuel lines and vacuum lines
• New cap, rotor, spark plugs, spark plug wires
• New fuel injector seals
• Blew out hard fuel lines from engine to gas tank
• Fresh oil and filter
• Fresh transmission oil 2018
• New transmission and engine mounts from URO
• Reconnected thermostat cable for cooling flaps with resources from this page
• Soaked auxiliary air regulator in Marvel Mystery Oil to free it up
• Pulled throttle body, cleaned contacts on throttle switch, reset with multi meter
• Pulled pedal cluster, checked bushings
• New throttle cable
• Adjusted valves to .006 inches intake and .008 inches exhaust
• Adjusted dwell to 46 degrees, then went to HotSpark electronic ignition
• Engine drips oil, some of it on the header which burns off in a few minutes when the cork gaskets get dry
• There is no heat. The heat exchangers are more like headers and there is no fan or engine tin to channel the heat forward
• Set timing to 27 degrees BTDC

Body and interior work:
• Added original chrome bumpers front and rear, polished with #0000 fine steel wool, pounded out some dents
• New rear top bumper seal from 914Rubber
• Added rocker panel covers, repainted Satin black
• Pulled rear tail lights, cleaned, polished lenses, cleaned contacts, fixed short
• New side marker light seals, cleaned and contacts
• Period Frankfurt radio
• Sport seats, small nick it driver seat, right bolster as pictured
• Round air horns that have a great sound
• Restored gauges but odometer not working after the pot metal gear rounded itself out again. I’ve added a photo to the gallery compressing the odometer gear so it stays tight on the shaft, which is the fix for these particular VDO gauges.
• Powder coated gauge surround
• Seat configuration is 2+1 with seat belt for middle passenger
• Replaced steering wheel with a nicer one, replaced black plastic door handle surrounds with chrome
• Replaced rear window seal and rear window-to-engine lid seal
• Replaced Targa top and bottom seal

Suspension, brakes and wheels:
• Bled brakes
• Added four Porsche Fuchs with new chrome metal center caps
• Michelin Defender 205/65 R15 94H September 2017

Car had been sitting about two weeks, cold, and was pushed out from the garage. It seems to always turn over once and then need a second turn before it idles. Once it is warms it starts first time. Because it was 80 degrees the cold start valve for high idle did not kick in. Otherwise the high idle would last for a minute or two. I had the air filter box off because I was fixing the engine lid release.
A drive around town. You can hear creaks from the top. Sorry the video on my phone doesn’t like to stay in focus.
Taking it up to freeway speeds. Tracks straight at highway speeds and stops well.
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