This numbers matching 1971 Porsche 911T came from long term storage and was used sparingly by me. If you’ve seen the car around Ann Arbor, you know I had fun with it on my dirt roads but never abused or tracked it. It is not a trailer queen. It came to me with solid floors, rust issues and bad paint but I never wanted a perfect car. I fixed, cleaned, cad plated and customized it to my liking while keeping all the original parts in storage. It has a very rare combination of concave Cibié driving lights and headlights with some back dated touches like opening quarter windows, headlight buckets and a ’66 green dial tach.

The engine is old with unknown mileage but still pulls strong. It has not been properly tuned this season after an engine out valve adjustment and clutch pivot pin replacement performed by Stephen Cramer of Autocore Performance Group in Waterford, Michigan. At which time the timing chains guides and clutch were inspected and determined to be in good shape. It pops and back fires, drips oil and has a high idle to keep it running during cold starts. The newly rebuilt Zenith carbs with modern jetting have not been dialed in but I feel the distributor may be hanging up causing the back fires. All that being said, it’s a crusty, a little rusty but trusty runner with some unique flair.

Sold June 2019

• Purchased February 2012 from Ohio with oil change stickers placing it in Florida in the 1980s
• VIN 9111100241
• Off the road for 8-10 years
• Family owned for 25-30 years
• Compression test performed cold by me when I first bought it: 1: 152, 2: 155, 3: 166, 4: 149, 5: 143, 6: 159
• Original color silver but poor repaint
• Rust in doors, deck lid, rockers, sills
• Hood, front fenders and front floor pan ahead of gas tank reproductions
• Floor pans look original and are solid
• Newer windshield
• Headers already on the motor, no original heat exchangers
• Certificate of Authenticity, numbers matching
• All original parts in storage: front and rear bumper, rear valance, quarter window surrounds, headlights
• Bumperettes and overrides have been rechromed and are included
• Tool bag has one tool in it, Bilstein jack has been restored with pop of orange color
• Lights, turn signals, wipers work
• Authentic historical Michigan plates added

Engine related work:
• New batteries 2018 and one ground strap
• Pulled gas tank, “Renu” treatment  which is sandblasting inside and coating with patented goo, guaranteed for life
• Rebuilt fuel sender unit, works at 1/2 to empty
• Replaced fuel pump
• New fuel lines
• Fresh oil and filter 20W50
• Transmission oil Swepco 201
• Shift linkage kit installed
• Readjusted clutch cable
• Adjusted pedals
• Adjusted valves 2019
• Powder coated upper valve covers DuPont Gloss Grey
• Engine tin painted during engine out
• Fitted rebuilt Zenith carburetors running 130 mains, 57 air idle, 195 air corrector jet, 30mm venturis from Italian Carburator
• Adjusted carburetor linkage
• Replaced plastic throttle linkage bushings at tranny and carb
• Rebuilt alternator with new brushes and bearings
• Powder coated fan and shroud
• Pulled distributor, greased, new springs – may need a rebuild or recurve
• New Marelli cap, rotor, points
• Spark plugs Bosch F-4-CS
• Newer spark plugs wires, 100% copper
• K&N air filters under rain hats

I’d like to thank Rocky Srl who I met through eBay under user ID Alfa1750 for my carburetor parts and recommended set ups. He also runs his own website at He sells larger venturis for Zeniths and all the jetting so one can set them up like Webers. Shipping is only about $10 from Italy and he is very responsive to email.

This was filmed on June 4th, 2019 just before listing it for sale to show how the engine pulls. The popping and back firing is typically heard on deceleration.

Body and interior work:
• Cleaned rust in doors, coated with POR-15 inside
• Repainted entire bonnet area with POR-15
• Polished both VIN number plates inside bonnet
• Powder coated smugglers box door, DuPont Flat Black
• Painted smugglers box with POR-15
• Added heavy duty hood shocks that stopped holding the heavy driving lights within a few months
• Rubber bonnet seal pulled, POR-15 entire edge, new seal in bag comes with car
• Cleaned over spray on fuse box covers and related wiring
• Pulled bumpers, cleaned, POR-15
• Added fiberglass red bumpers I had to save weight, the front is cracked
• Fitted 914 door kit plate above rear bumper
• Restored original Cibié driving lamps, powdered coated buckets, they work but are not turning on for some reason
• Placed Cibié headlights in ’66 buckets that were restored
• Replaced door window rails with ’66s including opening quarter windows
• Replaced window winders with ’66 handles
• One out of two horns from a 914 are hooked up but not getting love from the steering wheel right now
• Fixed electrical short for interior lights that works with passenger door
• Seats pulled, chrome polished, tracks lubricated
• Cleaned, vacuumed, cleaned
• Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio, works but not hooked up
• Original steering wheel leather is chewed up
• Porsche 912 green dial Tach restored and converted to 6-cylinder pick up
• Speedometer restored with new odometer gear but bounces and makes noise from bad cable
• There are no door pockets
• Armrests are included but are pretty bad

Suspension, brakes and wheels:
• Running date matched 1969 14″ Fuchs, no center caps
• 2018 GT Radial Touring VP Plus 195 /75 R14 92T SL BSW with around 500 miles
• 14″ Fuch spare
• All new wheel bearings up front
• Rebuilt front brake calipers, zinc gold plated
• Rotors turned, new brake pads
• Brake system flushed
• Leveled ride height by lowering front suspension

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