SOLD: 2014 

• Purchased August 20, 2011 north of Grand Rapids in Stanwood, Michigan with 48,818 miles from original builder
• Previous owner purchased in 1996, completed build in 2000
• I sorted it and gave it the period correct details I felt it needed
• 914 MidWest Classic “Custom 914 1st Place” Award, August 6, 2005 Sponsored by CAMP 914
• 1970 Porsche 914 with Chevrolet 283 V8 Conversion
• VIN #4702902329 – 1st year of production
• Built to replicate the factory prototype 916s
• Original Color: Irish Green  Now: British Racing Green Lacquer
• Jaguar paint quart touch up provided
• Built to exacting visual appearance of one of the 11 factory Porsche prototype 916s
• Approximate mileage since completion 7,000
• Current mileage 50,xxx. Odometer works
• Weighs about 2,300 pounds estimated 250hp
• All receipts and records in binder
• Clean title
• Car has good patina with paint crazing, a few minor bubble spots on the front fenders and a door corner, rear flare rivet pops and fiberglass cracks
• Chassis, inside fenders, suspension and underside detailed to show quality

Build sheet completed 2000:
• Engine professionally built and assembled by Holland Automotive Machine, Holland, MI
• 283 Chevrolet V8 Block .030 Bored with new pistons. This is the preferred, short stroke, high-revving V8 engine for this application.
• 305 HO Cylinder heads
• Mallory Unilite distributor
• Pete Jackson “NOISY” Cam Gear Drive, this gives it a supercharger sound
• Exhaust is shorty headers with dual DTM stainless steel mufflers
• New gaskets, hoses, etc.
• Engine balanced
• Stock quadrajet intake, valve covers, standard air cleaner for a stock Chevy engine look
• New spark plug wires
• Edelbrock 1406 600 cfm electric choke carb
• Runs 190-200 degrees and cooling fans operate correctly
• Transmission: stock Porsche 901 with later model side shift application always started in 2nd gear, never pops out of gear
• New clutch, pedal is hard but has smooth engage, no chatter

Conversion components all Renegade and Kennedy parts, basic kit included:
• Transmission adapter Plate
• Flywheel
• Pressure plate
• Throw out bearing
• Clutch disc
• Clutch extender
• Pilot bearing
• Motor mounts
• Transaxle mounts
• Water pump assembly
• Coolant plates
• Alternator bracket
• Thermostat housing
• Coolant filler neck
• Harmonic balancer
• Belts

Additional upgrades:
• Upgraded 9″ clutch
• Aluminum radiator
• Dual electric fans
• Gates green stripe hose
• Hi-Torque starter
• VDO gauges
• 911 front suspension with 5 bolt lugs
• VW bus HD axles adapters
• 5 bolt rear hubs
• 180# rear springs
• Bilstein struts
• Weltmeister front sway bar
• Chassis stiffening kit
• Boxed trailing arms bushings
• Custom headers
• Tachometer re-calibrated for V8 pulses

Brakes, wheels, tires:
• “M” calipers on front with vented rotors
• Stock rear calipers with machine spacers for vented rear rotors
• Good metal and flex lines
• 16″ Fuchs, 6 inch factory fronts and 8 inch reproduction rears
• New 23mm master brake cylinder, bled system, hard pedal

• Fiberglass GT flares and rockers, steel not found in 1996
• 916 Fiberglass front and rear bumper assemblies
• New floor pans and longitudinals
• New battery tray
• Reinforced rear suspension arms, mounts
• Front trunk pan has one OEM suspension patch panel from a misguided transport driver using chains in the wrong place
• Aggressive zeal rear is original- both are good
• Targa top sanded smooth and color matched
• Fuel tank was cleaned, treated and resealed at time of project

• Stock, black 1970 Interior no rips or tears
• OEM, later model center console added for 2.0 gauges
• New carpet kit at time of build
• Glued dash adhesive is ok, aftermarket dash cap on front portion
• VDO gauges voltmeter and water temperature work well
• VDO clock was working but now is only making noise like it’s working
• VDO tach re-calibrated by Palo Alto Speedometer for V8 engine
• Speedometer and odometer work as they should
• Blower motor works but heat not hooked up, needs to be converted with Renegade kit
• No a/c but kit available from Renegade
• No radio
• Aftermarket Raid Racemark steering wheel
• All interior, exterior, turn signal, running, brake, driving, hazard lights work
• Wiper motor is intermittent currently (haven’t looked at it as the car never sees rain)
• Ignition key works, interior bonnet lock key works, PS door lock works with key, DS does not, but manually locks. Rear trunk lock is stuck.


Recent Work:
• Chassis and underside detailed to show quality, repainted inside fenders
• Sourced NOS stock shift knob with proper 4spd H-shift pattern to match no first gear use
• New 23mm master brake cylinder, bled system, very firm pedal
• New Good Year Eagle GTs all around
• All body grounds cleaned
• Newer battery
• New fuel filter
• New spark plugs
• Fresh oil
• Faulty fuel sender unit rebuilt
• Period correct chrome 914 side mirror installed
• Excellent replacement 1971 windshield professionally installed
• Authentic Michigan license plate added
• Two period stop watches mounted where radio would go