Yamaha Enduros and Honda Mopeds

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Four years ago when we moved from California to Michigan and finally got a house with space plus a three car garage, I thought motorcycles would be great restoration projects. They are small, easy to work on and fall into a natural selling cycle. They get dumped in the winter cheap on Craigslist and bought by diehards in the spring for more money. I’ll get a heater, settle into the garage. It’ll be great. Except I didn’t like working on them, sold them all and bought a bunch of Porsches instead.

Here we are years later and after playing with the Honda CL100, all I can think about is buying more bikes and mopeds. They are cheap, fit into my basement and once again easy to work on. I mean look at the stance on that Yamaha Enduro 350. Aggressive, meaty, low to the ground in the rear with knobby tires. They look so good. The mopeds look like dork machines. Rukus has sewed up good looking mopeds but something about the old school ones from my youth keep me interested. These Hondas have like no miles on them. It’s a good thing my garage is filled with cars and my basement shop has room for only one bike. Plus I have no spare money. There’s that minor point.

On Craigslist around Detroit. Enduro 350 for $1700. Enduro 125 for $300. And a pair of Hondas for $1500.

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