Unigue one of a kind 6 Wheel Car – $5000 (Toledo)

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With a Mazda rotary engine and Porsche transaxle, the builder might not have been fooling around. I’d love to look at it since the one picture sucks. I also looked through all the Car Craft covers in the 70’s and into early 80’s and didn’t see the car. Maybe it was an inside story.

On Toledo Craigslist.


“One Of A Kind, Home Built Tribute To The ” Tyrrell P34 ” Formula One Race Car. I Was Told By The Previous Owner, Who’s Brother Built The Car, That It Was On The Cover Of Car Craft Magazine In The 70s, I Have An E-Mail In To Them, But No Response Yet. It Has A Mazda Rotary Engine & A Porsche Transaxle. It Has Been Stored Inside For 20 Years.”

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