Two for One Porsche 911s

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Someone is cleaning out the storage units.

“I have your choice of two Porsche classics:
1989 Porsche Turbo (AKA 930). This is the only year in this generation that came with a 5 speed transmission. Unbelievably good condition, runs like a champ and has only 37,XXX miles. This is a homologation race car for the streets, handmade (and it shows).
1995 Porsche Carrera 2 (AKA 993). First year of the 3-year run of the last of the classic air cooled Porsches and the last generation of handmade Porsches. This car looks new and it runs like new. It has only 24,XXX miles and won’t disappoint.

Your choice of either, $45,000 or even better, take both for $84,000, a savings of $3000 on each.”

On Detroit Craigslist in Bloomfield.

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