Transfer of Ownership, the Honda CL100

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It’s 6:30am and I find myself thinking about the Honda I bought for my friend. He picked it up yesterday. At $175, it was a relative bargain but yes, a bargain basket. Keith had asked me to make sure all the parts were there. I didn’t. I looked but didn’t note it missed one turn signal and as Keith went through the boxes, a foot peg. We already knew the side panels were gone. He was disappointed with me and I felt it. He didn’t want to have to go on the hunt for missing pieces. Pieces bought after the purchase that then ratchet the price up to a complete running bike. Ok, I get that.

But I’ve bought many bikes. Many Hondas. Inevitably, there are incorrect pieces on the bike, trim might be missing, a tail lens broken, aftermarket mirrors. All of which easily remedied through eBay. Cheap. The pieces that were hard to come by and more expensive was what I focused on with the CL. The rims were really good chrome and the fenders were decent. The exhaust was complete with no rust-through. Signs the bike was stored inside. Tires were brand new Michelins with new tubes. There was a brand new coil, battery and the seat wasn’t ripped. So you have to chase down a few parts? You would have to do that anyway. A complete bike is hardly a correct or 100% working bike. They make tons of parts new in Thailand were these bikes run until the fourth generation of family members they carry on them gets it as a hand me down. Heck Keith, I’ll help you find the parts.

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