Sold – 1985 Toyota Celica GT-S


So I skipped a few steps between Restoration Wednesday and this being sold. But it’s sold. I took it to the last Ann Arbor Cars and Coffee of the season about six weeks ago and let it shine for one last, cold, masked up morning in my possession. I struggled with keeping it or selling it but eventually decided to pass it on to its next steward. I needed to free up cash and storage room for other projects. It went off to a great new owner, Andrew, who had one of these in 1989. Unfortunately for various reasons, one of which was getting t-boned, he didn’t get to drive his much before it was totaled. He had been on the hunt for a replacement for years and we joked how he found mine on Craigslist.

I mused “You really gottta want it if you’re searching on Ann Arbor Craigslist.”

Yeah he said, “I looked on Facebook Marketplace and other places but didn’t see it listed anywhere else.”

“Craigslist Karma baby. And plus I hate the way Zuckerberg runs his business. Such a cheat with privacy policies and advertising statistics.”

Anywho, we don’t need to go down that rabbit hole. I’m going to miss the Celica. And damn did it look good in the morning light.


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  1. Mike

    I loved those cars, something about the pop-up headlights…Loved my 90′ Talon for the same reason… I can’t believe engineers still haven’t figured out how to design them so the pop-up motors will last through a MI winter…
    Congrats on the sale…

    • Groosh

      Thanks! It’s funny how the pop up headlights were such a thing throughout the 80’s. Just like bell bottom pants, they are due for a comeback.

      I always keep my eye out for a first gen Eagle Talon TSi. They were such great cars but all the ones I find for my budget are beat.

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