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I paid 50 cents for this at the second hand shop yesterday.  Remember these little 4″ tiles?  They were name plates for your room with some sticky on the back.  I originally struggled with buying it for obvious reasons:  change my name, saw off the top of it with a tile saw I need to buy or taking a permanent black marker to it?  This one happens to be brand new in the wrapper so none of that is going to happen.  But if I happen to run into a pile of these, I’m tiling my shower.

Love the 60’s Gran Prix cars.  Here are a couple more on eBay which is all I found.   One person wants $7 free shipping, the other $84 with shipping from the UK.

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  1. Mike G

    Very cool… you let me know when you buy a “Mike” and I’ll be happy to except your gift… 🙂

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