Restoration Wednesday

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It’s cold here.  Like ice cream sandwich on a sensitive tooth cold, ya-ouch!  Single digits at night and not breaking out of the teens in the day.  As such, I haven’t spent a lot of time in the garage and instead have turned my attention to cleaning up the indoor shop.  I’ve been collecting Mahle Porsche 356 and 912 pistons and cylinders for years.  This last week I finally cleaned them up proper.

The pistons got an ultrasonic parts bath that removed all the carbon deposits leaving me a quick trip to the wire wheel to reveal numbers and such.  The cylinders were a little more time intensive and were strictly wheeled out to reveal their markings.  Out of six sets of pistons, one matches up quick well with the 912 cylinders.  The 356 pistons and cylinders are scored and one piston is broken but as a parts collection for somebody, they will make sense. 

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