Restoration Wednesday, The Pressure Is Just Too Much

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It’s not uncommon to let the pressure of a situation get to you like a pro golfer…

“Here we are with Johnny Papers on the 18th green. He’s got a short two-footer for birdie to win the match and take home five bazillion dollars. It’s a straight putt, not any break to it, I could do it drunk. Let’s settle in and watch as he has a chance to make hist.. oh he blows the hole by a mile! I mean a porn star would need directions to find her way back to that dick of move!”

“It wasn’t even close Bob. I’ve seen people crack under the pressure but the shank on that thing would make you go vegetarian.”

“Well said Jim. I’m not going to be able to eat a burger for at least two, maybe three days now.”

“Take sympathy sex out of the equation tonight folks. If I know what’s good for Johnny, he’s going to find a bottle and curl up inside it. This man needs to forget he owns a shaft.”


With so much pressure all around us on a daily basis, it’s nice to know I’m under none to get this project road worthy. Do I want to do it soon? Of course. Does it have to be done? Nope. But if it’s going to be done, it needs to take the pressure. Hydraulic pressure. And this my friends, is where old parts go bad. The picture below is the slave cylinder that needed hammer time, break it down, to snap it free. The housing didn’t crack from hitting it though. I used a pipe wrench to try to spin it loose. I’ve since cleaned up the push rod, which needs to be reused, and installed a new slave. But the master clutch cylinder that I rebuilt leaked passed the foot pedals when I thought I was ready for a test run. So that got shipped off to Apple Hydraulics in New York for a resleeve and rebuild. Soon I’ll have it all back together, go for a drive and find out the next old, worn out part that needs replacing. I’m thinking stuck calipers or bad wheel bearings.


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  1. Mike

    You crack me up…. You could have just said “…you know, like the kinda pressure a pro golfer feels putting for the win”… but no, you did a stand up comic bit.. nicely done…

    I just got done watching the Gotham Garage series, you would fit right in with that crew…

    Keep at it…

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