Restoration Wednesday, Porsche 928 S4

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Even though I’m not doing this work, I still feel compelled to write about it. I site my lack of certain tools and experience in: timing belts, engine management, garage space and larger modules between my legs dictating money over time decisions. But glad I did. The transmission lines sprung a leak and dropped fluid on the exhaust during a test drive. The lines needed to be redone front to tail. It order to do that, the exhaust had to be dropped that lead to discovery of an O2 sensor jacked in and cross threaded. Sweet sweet neglect.

I’m still really excited to get this one back despite it being an automatic. It will be my first real supercar from an impressionable youth as 16 or 17 year old when it came out. It was poster worthy and in red, it’s the right color. I’ll drive it a little but actually plan on letting my father cruise with it the rest of the year before storage. That way I can keep my street cred for not giving in to less than three pedals. All while living with an un-obtainium 80’s status symbol that hasn’t forgotten how to produce large and in charge four figure repair bills.

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