Restoration Wednesday, Porsche 928 S4

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This isn’t my car but I have high hopes it will look like this. It should. I gave Stephen, my awesome mechanic (everything is awesome!) the wheels pictured vs. the slotted stock alloys, to put on the car. But I haven’t seen the car yet. The current set of tires have cracks in them larger than:

Choice A: Grand Canyon
Choice B: Something you scratch because you need a shower
Choice C: Our US political system

It’s amazing the old tires still hold air. I would never drive on them farther than around the block. Scary.

But I bought this set of rims and tires for $300 a while ago off of Craigslist. They have Michelin Pilot SX tires on them that are old but in fair shape. I tried to put them on when I first bought the car last year but needed spacers. 10mm spacers did the trick. Now just need to wait for Stephen to get back from a Road Atlanta race weekend and we will be in the money on this driving this supercar soon. I have to tell you, I’m quite excited by it despite it being an automatic.

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