Restoration Wednesday, Me and The Gauge Cluster

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Yesterday I pulled the gauge cluster in the 928 S4 and updated the odometer gear purchased from, wait for it, I’m sure many of you have heard of them. They do great work at providing solid plastic gears for a lot of different makes and models. Many many Porsches. You’ve heard me before talk about this gear that breaks. It’s as if Porsche wanted it to. It is made of a completely different plastic, a smoke colored almost translucent plastic that gets very brittle over time and simply strips. The gears right next to it I’ve never seen broken. What’s shakin’ with that bacon?

Replacing the gear itself is pretty straight forward once you get the cluster out of the car. Getting the gauges out is a bit of a cluster puck. That’s me in the picture above lying on my back, legs up in the air over the back of the seat and my head jammed under the dash. (I didn’t shoot any photos for you this time.) Once you’ve assumed the position there is not much relief until you are ready to squirm your way out. The mail lady dropped by while I was in this awkward layout. “You have a lot of projects” she said. “Yes, after this one the project will be fixing my back.” I replied.









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