Restoration Wednesday, Fuel Injector Harness on a 1.8

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Recently I bought a 1974 Porsche 914 1.8 liter. In a world that can bog us down with negativity and problems, I’d like to point out what the car positively does. It does:

  • Not run
  • Have front end accident damage that was poorly repaired
  • Have an extra paint job in the wrong color
  • Have rust

The interior is a designer’s challenge and the wiring is a hot mess. See that white wire running across the picture top right? That came from the fuse panel inside the car, out the bottom of the back window and to the fuel pump. desperate times call for desperate measures and the previous owner was desperate. Desperate to get rid of the car. Ba dum, dum.

I’ve been backing all the extra wiring out of the car, ran the proper wires to the fuel pump relay and have been testing ever since. You can follow my forum trail on where Tim has been incredibly gracious in helping me along. On the bright side, I was able to get the headlights wired up correctly after ripping out more direct wires off the panel, get fuses and relays into the panels and fix some burnt ground wires for the head and tail lights.

Why did I buy the car? It was complete, cheap and ran as recently as October with fresh smelling gas in the tank. A car that ran that recently isn’t far away from running again.

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