Restoration Wednesday, Are You Kidding Me? I Did Something.

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The long and winding road has left me in the ditch of disappointment. After getting my Brembo calipers rebuilt by my buddy Will at Centric (thanks again Will!), I sat down to do their install over the weekend. My parts box that has been sitting for a year with all the other items needed to complete the job: brake pads, fluid, sensors, rotors, etc., was missing the sensor and pads.

What are you kidding me? I’ve kept this box intact without so much as opening it and stuff is missing! Maybe I didn’t order them you say? Nope. Checked my records, they were shipped. So after a thorough search of the entire house and many choice words, I gave up on finding the pads, ordered another set plus sensors and focused on putting the interior back together instead. The interior hadn’t been detailed since I bought the car. Stuff looked dirty and tired. I took most of it apart for cleaning and slight mending. Since the car never ran long enough except to pull it on and off the trailer from Stephen at Autocore Performance Group, it never saw the sponge.

When I brought it home after the MAF and LH computer rebuild, I realized the brakes were whacked and parked it. That was year ago tomorrow. Seriously, March 24th. Would you believe I bought this car in October of 2013? It never ran right so it never got driven. I’m so close to enjoying it, it smells like team spirit. The spirit of the team of people that helped me fix this supercar along with my blood and tears. Let’s hope it runs and stops well after all this. Because if it doesn’t, the ditch of disappointment is going to be filled with one more thing, a red 928S4 for sale.

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