Restoration Wednesday, 944S

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Yesterday I made the decision that every man, woman or large child should make when trying to remove a previously invested chipmunk-condo-complex’s LSD transaxle. Have someone else do it. My mechanic, he’s mine so don’t ask me for a reference – kidding OMG, Stephen Cramer is fantastic and I’ll happily pass his number along to those in the greater Detroit area. Any who… my mechanic, Stephen, needs an LSD for his 944 N/A track car. Trade for his labor for the unit. Problem of not being able to break bolts free, solved. He’ll remove it.

Soon one less lawn art, one slightly happier wife and a guy with two thumbs, me. It would probably be better if you could see me and my two thumbs pointing at my face. Although I’m not entirely sure I’m saying this slogan right.

“Who has two thumbs and one less 944 in his driveway!? This guy!”

There we go, that’s more like it. This guy does. Well not yet. But soon. I’ve got to get the tranny out and strip all the other goodies. I’ll get it done. Get off my back about it will yah? Jeez. You sound like my conscience. And we know there is only room for one of those in my head. Maybe two. But that is all I’m going to admit to you. You’re not a psychiatrist. Or are you? My email is somewhere on this site if you are. I’ve got a lot of 944S parts to trade. Just sayin’.

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  1. Pail wilkins

    Great photo, love the 951 hiding in front. Another great post. Thanks, Paul (UK)

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