Restoration Wednesday

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Had the front rotors turned and all new bearings packed inside.  If you recall, I originally decided to replace only one outer bearing that was bent since the other fronts seemed ok.  Despite new grease all the way around, the humming noise with new bearing continued.  No dah you say?  You wouldn’t be the only one to recommend replacing the entire shebang — if one is bad chances are the others are bad…  Yes, got it thank you.  I just wanted to drive my car as soon as possible ’em k?  

With the turned rotors I of course put on new pads.  New pads required pushing back the pistons.  However, the pistons liked where they were.  So despite having great brakes on earlier test drives, a shove to the piston locked them up.  Retaliatory strike is to pull and rebuild.  Since I’m flying blind into unknown territory, I’ve enlisted the help of trusted advisers who recommend compressed air blasts into the cylinders to shoot the pistons free.  

The problem is that as much as I know I want them free, I’m not really sure if the pistons want to be free or for that matter if the cylinders are better off being replaced entirely.  Am I putting my nose where it doesn’t belong?  There are probably many people not directly involved in the process that may want to weigh in since my driving/braking or lack-thereof could impact their lives as well.  Do I try to improve on the current scheme or attempt to completely replace them?  There are monetary impacts and momentum shifts to other projects to consider as well.  Lots to think about before making a move… like how much more Syria news I should be watching.

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