Restoration Wednesday

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Slipping into the dark side has this one gone.

Yup.  Bought red.  Man I hate red.  But kinda starting to appreciate Guards Red now that I’ve hand polished it for three hours.  And yup, I bought an automatic.  Wait, wait!  Before you go clicking somewhere else in disgust of my turn-coat-lack-of-unidirectional-Porsche-enthusiast-compass, lemme splain.  You know I love 928s.  Just look at the Groosh Design navi on top of this page.  See?  I love ’em.  Well this is one of the better ones.  An S4.

Larry Webster, Editor-in-Chief of Road & Track Magazine, parked this car out back of their Ann Arbor headquarters with intentions of making it good before falling victim to the rigors of running a magazine (good job by the way.)  He wrote about the project 928 in the April issue.  In turn, I’ve known about the car for about 3/4s of its eight month flat-lining, just happy to know someone else shared my passion for a brushed aside classic.

I drove past the car again and again attending Car and Driver events or visiting the office.  Each time the tires beer gutted further into the pavement and the paint reflected milkier versions of the sky it betrothed.  But to a grown up teenage boy from the poster worthy S4 80’s, this car had potential.  They all do.  So I asked my friend Aaron, friend of Larry, if it was for sale.

One week to the Monday, the car was on my trailer.  I’m now tearing into the ultimate A to B without giving a F.  F stands for finger.  Finger is what I was going for there.  You know with the automatic transmission, it’s easier to drive then actually lifting a finger.  The S4 with 316hp was finally a car “worthy” of the automatic transmission 80% of the people purchased with this car.  Let’s remember folks it’s a GT, not a 911, but still a Porsche.  It’s meant to cruise on the autobahn at high speeds without fanfare.  And as such, I’d like to find out how fair of a fan I’ll be behind the wheel of a red automatic.


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    • Paul "Groosh" Grusche

      How much do I plan to have into it after new tires, a full belt service, fluid changes, interior bits and whatever else breaks? Probably fair market value. Which is to say, you can never buy them cheap enough. And when you do, you probably wish you hadn’t.

  1. Anonymous

    Can you please send me the drug you are giving your lovely wife that allows her to be on the receiving side of you saying “ummm, yeah, gotta another one I’m buying…” The woman deserves a bed of roses and a spa day every time you hook up the trailer. Nice purchase, can’t wait to see it.
    Mike G.

    • Mrs. Groosh

      Mike, I knew there was a reason I liked you. And I’ll take that spa day. Or, better yet, I’ll take anyone’s advise on how to reason with a grown up teenager.

  2. PBW

    Bang on, what a proper cruiser. They’ve also got a bit of a bad reputation over here for head gaskets, guzzling fuel etc etc bit I too will have one someday, the S4 is a cool cookie, GT’s are cool but rare and the GTS holds a proper value so the S4 is the one. Red will be the new white soon. My Merc is red! I found myself dreaming about a 928 turbo the other day………..

    Will it appear in the next Resto Wed?

    • Paul "Groosh" Grusche

      Head gaskets whether across the pond or here are probably equally susceptible. Not a fun or cheap fix.

      As far as Resto Wednesday, it will most likely take on the S4 as I make room in the garage to do more with it.

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