Restoration Wednesday

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Ever been privy to the smell of chipmunk poop and pee three inches from your nose while little chunks trickle down your face? No?  Trying to cut back huh. I get it. I thought I was done with that stink from the first nest clear out in the glove box a year ago. I mean, who makes their home in a transaxle tunnel? Critters. To make matters worse, I shoved my shop vac in there to suck out all the crap and now every time I turn it on the smell bellows through the garage. I really need to clean that vac out.

My goal was to remove the LSD tranny but I’m having a hard time breaking free the hex nut inside the access panel that attaches everything to the drive shaft. I’ve tried two different types on wrenches with different handles, after a good soaking with penetrating fluid, and I can’t make it budge. I might come back to it but will probably strip the car and let it go as is. Summer is slipping away and there are other projects waiting that are more rewarding.

On a different note, yesterday I went to the recycle center with lots of old metal. They weigh your vehicle with the stuff in it, give you the green light, you unload and then go back on the scale for a new weigh-in. The difference between last month, when I recycled the 914 cut in half, and yesterday was the guy asked for my driver’s license. Really? He made a copy and then cut me a check.

What’s up? I said.

“New legislation that went into effect July 1st. If you were recycling copper I’d need your thumbprint.”

Say what? Leave it to politicians. In there effort to keep criminals from stripping buildings and houses of copper wiring that ends up costing 10-100X to replace, they have placed an interesting new burden on the independent business man. Not sure how they are going to catch the home strippers, hey now!, but it’s sweet to know that I’m on their list now.

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